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Ball and wheel in non-linear affine-input systems

: A. Kugi
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The AIsys package contains several algorithms for the analysis and synthesis of nonlinear Affine-Input control systems, or short AI-systems. This class of systems describes a large number of physical systems in many engineering applications. However, only due to the increasing availability of low cost digital signal processors in combination with the increasing power of computer algebra programs, like Maple, enable the practical use of these nonlinear control strategies. The AIsys package contains four examples which prove that the proposed algorithms are also feasible for practical problems. This mechanical example is the ball and wheel experiment. Other examples in the Maple Application Center include benchmark tests for nonlinear control systems, namely the chemical stirrer vessel and the squirrel cage induction motor and a hydraulic system.

Application Details

Publish Date: June 19, 2001
Created In: Maple 6
Language: English

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