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Interactive Google Maps Component

: Maplesoft AuthorSamir Khan
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This application is a simple demonstration of Maple 18's new HTTP package for communicating with web-based APIs. It has a component-based interface that lets you interact with Google Maps. Simply enter a latitude and longitude, and set your zoom level and desired map type. Maple will then:

  • download map images using the Google Maps API,
  • and then place those images on a label component

The code for the application is located in the Startup code region (Edit > Startup Code).

The Google Maps API limits the number of anonymous queries you can make per day. If you exceed their limit, you'll need to include a Google Maps API key in the startup code.

The default latitude and longitude point to the location of the Maplesoft office in Waterloo, Ontario.

Application Details

Publish Date: March 31, 2014
Created In: Maple 18
Language: English

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