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Maplesoft offers the most powerful and comprehensive environment for exploring, visualizing, and solving even the most difficult math problems.
Get started with Maple resources that make it easy to teach and learn math!
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Register for the Maple Conference

November 2-3, 2022

Attendees of this free, virtual event, will interact with Maple developers, learn about new algorithms and techniques, and attend live presentations, keynotes, discussion panels, and more!

Math Art Gallery Call-for-Submissions
Deadline: Thursday, September 22, 2022

We are soliciting creative works for a virtual exhibition of mathematical art, ranging from computer graphics and animations, to needlework, geometrical sculptures, or almost anything!

Free custom bootcamps for your class

Maplesoft offers free, live Maple Bootcamps for instructors and students. Delivered live over Zoom at a time of your choice, you will receive:

  • An introduction to Maple, including key features and problem-solving techniques
  • Information about Maple features specific to the course
  • An opportunity to ask questions of Maple experts
Available for classes of students, new instructors, or groups of instructors!

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How to Install Maple 2022
Single-User Installation Guide
Follow these instructions if you are installing Maple on a laptop or desktop computer.
Network Installation Video
Follow these instructions if you are an IT Administrator installing Maple on a network.
Missing Something?
Do you need more licenses? Options for your students? Remote access? We can help!
Take advantage of back-to-school discounts on upgrades, license extensions, volume purchases, and remote license configurations.
Flexible Licensing
From single-user term licenses to volume licenses, site license programs, or special license configurations, we offer the most flexible licensing options in the industry. We will happily provide you with a customized licensing plan to suit your infrastructure and policies. Just ask!

Virtualize your Maplesoft license so that you and your students can use Maple anywhere, anytime - in the classroom, at home, while attending a conference, or even at the mall!

Student Licensing Program
Provide your students with a copy of Maple through the Maple Student Licensing Program, and allow them to use Maple on campus computers, their own laptops, or as a virtualized solution from home. There are a variety of purchase and licensing options available, including permanent and time-limited licenses and student-purchase models.

Maple is part of the Maple Math Suite
Check out the other two products in this suite of products. Both offer entry-level options that are free!
Maple Learn Logo mark
Maple Learn
Maple Learn is an online math tool for exploring concepts, solving problems, and creating rich, online math content.

Maple Calculator logo mark
Maple Calculator
Solve math problems, check homework, and explore 2-D and 3-D graphs with this all-in-one calculator app for your mobile device!

Explore concepts, solve problems, and create rich, online math content.

Special Offer on Maple Learn!

Put Maple Learn in your classroom for a year and get an extra year for free! If your school already uses Maple, you may be eligible for a 2 year classroom subscription of Maple Learn Premium for the price of 1.

*Offer ends December 31, 2022. Conditions apply.