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Standard Math Interactive

Standard Math Interactive

D. Zwillinger


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CD-ROM (Academic Version): ISBN: 0-8493-9702-2 Professional Version Book: ISBN: 0-8493-9703-0

Now on CD-ROM - the definitive math handbook is now a living, interactive tool!

A classic reference bursts into the electronic age!

Edition after edition, CRC's Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae has served for nearly a century as the standard reference. Now the old standard takes on a new electronic form- CD-ROM - as Standard Math Interactive. Powered by the Maple symbolic math engine, Standard Math Interactive is an interactive powerhouse for students and professionals.

Standard Math Interactive uses Waterloo Maple's computational kernel in a specialized software tool including MathDoc to solve complex differential equations; increase computational accuracy and efficiency; dynamically search, filter, reorder, export, and generate tables and other sets of data; interactively manipulate, modify, and plot equations; and customize data an

Other Details
Language: English
ISBN: 0-849-39702-2
Publisher: CRC Press

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