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Nonlinear Mathematical Physics Approach

Nonlinear Mathematical Physics Approach

Senyue Lou
Xiaoyan Tang


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This book presents the development and applications of the basic and powerful methods in linear science to nonlinear science. It systematically introduces some new methods, recently established by the authors and their research group, such as the multi-linear variable separation approach, the functional variable separation approach, the derivative-dependent functional variable separation approach, the deformation mapping method, the non-average method in equation deduction, and so on. It also introduces some other important methods and their recent developments in searching for exact solutions of nonlinear problems in mathematical physics, such as the inverse scattering method in limited and unlimited regions, the formal variable separation approach, the singularity analysis method, the symmetry reduction approach, the Darboux transformation, the Hirota direct method. Using these methods, various nonlinear localized excitations and their interaction properties are discussed in detail.
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Language: Chinese
ISBN: 7030181441

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