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Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer

Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer

Nevzat Onur


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In Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer, accomplished professor and mechanical engineer Nevzat Onur delivers a concise and insightful exploration of the physical mechanisms of convective heat transfer and an accessible treatment of how to build mathematical models of these physical processes.

Providing a new perspective on convective heat transfer, the book is comprised of twelve chapters, all of which contain numerous practical examples. The book emphasizes foundational concepts and is integrated with explanations of computational programs like MATLAB and MAPLE to offer students a practical outlet for the concepts discussed within. The focus throughout is on practical, physical analysis rather than mathematical detail, which helps students learn to use the provided computational tools quickly and accurately.

Ideal for first-year graduates in mechanical, aerospace, and chemical engineering, Introduction to Convective Heat Transfer is also an indispensable resource for practicing engineers in academia and industry in the mechanical, aerospace, and chemical engineering fields.

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-119-76676-6
Publisher: Wiley

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