I Could Have Used This When I was in School: Stories from the Maple-Deprived

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“I Could Have Used This When I was in School”: Stories from the Maple-Deprived


During a typical Maple demo, no matter what the background of the audience, there is almost always a moment when the person stops, stares, and says some variation of “I could have used that when I was in school.” Maplesoft employees have those moments, too.

This whitepaper collects stories from Maplesoft employees who didn’t have access to Maple in school but wished they’d had, to illustrate some of the many different ways Maple can make a difference to students. Like the students in your own classes, the contributors have a variety of backgrounds, mathematical abilities, and interest in math. These stories come from R&D, sales and marketing, and customer service. They come from people who now use Maple every day and those who have never even installed it. They even come from people with advanced math degrees, and from people who hated math in school and are astonished to find themselves working for a math software company now.