Influencer Posts

Influencer Posts

Do you have a social media presence focused on math, engineering, or other STEM-related subjects? We are actively seeking partnerships with media personalities and influencers, and would love to hear from you! Contact us.

Bobby Seagull

Bobby has been focused on the promotion of the Maple Calculator through Instagram and YouTube


Lene brings her Tiktok style and creativity to show off Maple Calculator to her followers.


Jozadak brings her sense of humour about math and highlights some core features of the Maple Calculator.

Justice the Tutor

Justice has explored concepts of system of equations, percentages, exponents and more through Maple Calculator and Maple Learn.

Juan Ramirez

Professor Juan Ramirez from Panama provides walkthroughs and examples of Maple Learn and Maple Calculator.

Kantaro Suzuki

Kantaro Suzuki has used the Maple Calculator to explore math concepts.


Milad of Letsdodiz highlights the Maple Calculator as being an essential back to school tool for students.

Matte Pi

Philip of Matte Pi shows off how to capture equations from the Maple Calculator.


Filipi of Mathrix demonstrates the Maple Calculator.

Melodies for Math

Swetha and her team at Melodies for Math share their experiences (sometimes through song) in using the Maple Calculator and Maple Learn.

Minute Math

Sean Gannon of Minute Math explores mathematics using Maple Learn.

Naseem Shafaei

Naseem, more of a lifestyle TikTok influencer has shared her experiences of working with the Maple Calculator.

Online Kyne

Kyne has explored concepts of factoring, fixed points, graphing in the Maple Calculator and even how to wish Merry Christmas in Maple Learn.


In this video Resistance talks about Department of Education, Social Psychology, Law, and Economics and as Economics students, how to deal with mathematics and Maple Calculator will help them in their studies.


Takumi has gathered a series of YouTubers together to use Maple Calculator to win at an escape room challenge.

Sherif El Sahly

Sherif explores math topics and questions and integrates Maple Calculator into videos for his TikTok audience.

Studentlife 101

Studentlife 101 shares her experiences and tips for using the Maple Calculator with her TikTok audience.

Tamer Shaheen

Tamer has shared his experiences using the Maple Calculator with his student-focused following on TikTok.

Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford has deeply explored critical points and partial differentiation and used both the Maple Calculator and Maple Learn environment to add a layer of explanation.

Trefor Bazett

Trefor has used the Maple Calculator to explore ODEs.