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Active Online Learning

Benefits of Möbius

Möbius brings together modularized learning objects for active learning, recall, interactivity, applications, and assessment in your science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses.

Möbius is a single platform that combines:

  • Exposition: Presentation of the concept
  • Exploration: Dynamic interactive content that lets students work with the concept, explore, see the results of changes, and deepen their understanding
  • Exercises: Opportunities for the students to apply the concept to concrete problems, drill and practice to strengthen their skills, and learn what they know and what they don’t
  • Evaluation: High stakes testing and assessment, with analytics

Enhance your LMS

Möbius can be incorporated into virtually any learning management system, providing better support for your science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses while ensuring a seamless experience for instructors and students. By integrating Möbius with your learning management system, you can provide your students with a rich online courseware environment while maintaining:

  • Single sign-on authentication, so users do not need to manage two sets of credentials to access both systems
  • A consolidated grade book, so all results are kept in a single location without the need for instructors to manually transfer marks
  • Easy student access to all lessons and assignments from a single location, no matter which environment the content was created in

Integrate with all major learning management systems

Designed for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education

Designed especially for mathematics, science, engineering, and technology courses, Möbius provides the tools you need to author and deliver rich, engaging digital assets for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

  • Use standard math notation for authoring, display, and student responses
  • Create meaningful assessment questions that will be automatically graded by a system that understands mathematics
  • Generate powerful visualizations by leveraging a large collection of customizable plots and animations.
  • Provide interactive applications for exploring concepts in ways not available in a traditional classroom.

Engage Your Students

Möbius allows you to integrate powerful, dynamic learning and assessment tools throughout your online course materials, so your students receive constant feedback that keeps them engaged and on-track.

  • Integrate meaningful, automatically-graded assessment questions into lessons and narrated lectures, in addition to formal assignments, so students can test their understanding as they go
  • Provide students with instant feedback, so they immediately know what they know and what they don’t
  • Choose from thousands of Math Apps and assessment questions from math, statistics, physics, engineering, and more, which are freely available for you to use and customize in your own materials
  • Develop custom interactive applications for exploring concepts using Maple or HTML5
  • Create Active Slideshows that incorporate exploration and self-assessment elements