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Create Custom Components Directly From Their Equations

Equation-based custom components take you from equations and concepts to final models quickly, without programming. New components can be created directly from first principles, without resorting to complex, error-prone, and time-consuming programming.

  • Easily define custom components by specifying the representative mathematical equations.
  • Use standard mathematical notation for rapid entry and verification of equations.
  • Define component behavior using differential equations, state space, or transfer functions.
  • Instantly analyze and verify the behavior of your component using point-and-click analysis tools.
  • Define parameters, valid connection types, and port placements for your component easily using the interactive custom component template. MapleSim automatically applies the same consistency checks to your custom component as for built-in components, preventing invalid connections and parameter values.
  • Create libraries of custom components for use in your models and for sharing with colleagues.
  • Create custom components based on the open standard Modelica modeling language.

Why is MapleSim a "white-box" modeling environment?

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