Knowledge Capture - MapleSim Features - System-Level Modeling and Simulation

Automated Knowledge Capture

Automated knowledge capture means you can easily integrate all the information that goes into a project in into a single project file, combining your reasoning with your results and fully capturing the engineering knowledge that goes into each project.

  • Integrate models, simulation results, analysis, reports, custom component descriptions, animations, data files, and more into a single, easily shared project file.
  • Record the analysis, not just the results. You can keep all your analytical work with your models, so you have a record of why you made the choices you did, making your work easier to understand, reuse, and modify for future projects.
  • Create your reports as you work. MapleSim analysis templates are full technical documents that can include calculations, plots and animations, explanatory text and mathematics, images, and diagrams. Your analysis and your report can be done simultaneously in the same document.