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The Maple Portal for Students is intended to help students perform basic tasks and find further information about Maple.  It can help you find the commands you want and point you to relevant features of the user interface.  

Student Topics

How do I...

This portal will direct you to the resources you need to perform a specific task.  Learn to make use of interactive assistants, the context panel, and task templates.  Go through step-by-step examples.

Topics covering essentials for doing mathematics in Maple.

Constructing algebraic objects

Algebraic manipulations

Algebraic solvers

Polynomial arithmetic


Differential calculus in one variable

Integral calculus in one variable

Multivariate calculus

Vector calculus

Complex arithmetic

Differential equations

Linear algebra

Numerical analysis


Integer manipulations

Units, errors, and tolerances

Recurrence equations

How do I...

...enter a simple expression?

...enter a function?

...enter a matrix?

...evaluate an expression?

...plot a function?

...enter a complex number?


Student Resources

Learn more about resources for students


Task Templates

Study Guides

Student Package


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