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Problem Solving Solution Template

(without Tables)

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This task template contains the steps required in problem solving. This can be used as an outline for an overall system solution.



There are typically four steps in solving a problem:





System Definition


Model, Analyze, Design, and Test


Visualization and Presentation of the Results




The introduction section consists of the problem definition and background information.


Problem Definition


Define the problem. What are the goals?


Background Information


Provide any background information relevant to the problem.


System Definition

Initializing... Done

Variables and Parameters

Input Variable Names and Descriptions



Output Variable Names and Descriptions


Parameter Names and Descriptions



Input and Output Data and Parameter Values


The input and output data and the known parameter values can be defined in the document or imported from an external source.


Data and Parameters



External Data Imports



Model, Analyze, Design, and Test


These steps are performed as necessary to solve the problem.


Model Formulation and Derivation


Define the system model. It can be known or it can be derived as part of the problem.



Model Analysis


Perform system analysis on the given model. For example:



Compute parameters of interest (for example, time constant, bandwidth)


Simplify the model structure


Plot system response to input



Solution Design and Tuning


Design components based on the system model. This process can be iterative.



Simulation and Testing


Simulate and test the performance of the system model based on the designed components.



Visualization and Presentation


After the required results have been obtained, they can be used in several ways.


Plots and Graphs


Generate and export plots and graphs for visualization.



Interactive Maplets


Create Maplets allowing users to interact with and manipulate your problem solution.



Code Generation


Generate code implementing the problem solution in many different programming languages: C, MATLAB®, Java®, Fortran, and Visual Basic®.



Report Summary and Conclusion


Export this worksheet document as LaTeX, text, or HTML for distribution and sharing.