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Maple Player


The Maple Player is a free application that lets you view and even interact with Maple documents to solve problems, visualize solutions, and explore concepts, even if you don’t have Maple. Use the Maple Player to view documents from colleagues or sample the vast collection of Maple documents already available from Maplesoft and the Maple community in the Application Center, the Teacher Resource Center, Maple Primes, and more. Within technical organizations, use the Maple Player as a free deployment option for sharing Maple-based solutions internally.

With the free Maple Player, you can:


Use interactive Maple applications to perform computations and visualize results.


View any Maple document, regardless of author or source.


Easily access the collection of interactive MathApps available through built-in access to the MapleCloud.


Perform any operation that uses interactive components, including entering mathematical expressions, moving sliders, playing videos, and rotating plots, with limitations only on the number of characters that can be entered.

To download the free Maple Player, visit the Maple Player website.