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Scaling Constrained


Maple plots can be constrained or unconstrained.


Plots are unconstrained by default, which means the plot is  scaled to fit the plot window. For example, the plot of a circle on unconstrained axes may appear oval or flattened so that the largest possible diagram can fit in the plot object.


Plots are constrained when the scales in all directions are of equal proportion. In this case, the plot of a circle appears perfectly round because the x and y axes are scaled in equal proportions.


To use Maple commands to alter data structures in standard plots, see plottools.


For plots containing dual axes, the constraining only applies to the first vertical axis.


Note: Scaling is not applicable for polarplots.

Changing the Plot Scaling


Click the plot to select it.


From the Plot menu, select the Scaling Constrained check box. You can also access this option in the Context Panel.


Alternatively, clear the check box to display an unconstrained plot.

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