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Tire Library Overview

The Tire Library contains components to model pneumatic tires. Analytical (COF, Linear, and Fiala), curve-fitting (Pacejka 2002 and Pacejka 2012), and user-defined force and moment models (Custom) are available to model the tire-ground interaction.

Library Content

The Maplesoft Tire library consists of the following components

Linear Linear tire formulation

Fiala Fiala tire formulation

Pacejka 2002 Tire with Pacejka 2002 formulation

Pacejka 2012 Tire with Pacejka 2012 formulation

Custom User-defined tire

COF Coefficient of friction-based tire formulation

For information that is common to the Maplesoft Tire Library components:

Tire Surface Options

Tire Kinematics

You can generate a terrain to test your model using the Terrain Generator app. To open this app, in the left pane of MapleSim, browse to Add Apps or Templates > Tires > Terrain Generator. You can also generate a terrain by using the commands in the Tires package.

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