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The Web Handling Laminating library provides the pieces required to model a laminating process.


Library Content

How to Create a Laminating Process

Library Content

The Web Handling Laminating library consists of the following components.

Merged Web Properties web properties calculated based on the Law of Mixtures

Web Multiplexer conveniently handles multiple merging webs (2 to 10)

Multi-Web Roller In defines each merging web's entry configuration

Multi-Web Roller Out merges multiple incoming webs into one

How to Create a Laminating Process

Step 1

Define the web properties of all incoming and outgoing (merged) web branches.

Example: Three webs (WP1, WP2, and WP3) are merged into one (WP4). Using the Merged Web Properties record, the merged web properties are calculated based on law of mixtures.

Alternatively, the merged web properties can be defined explicitly using the regular Web Properties record. Make sure all components on each branch explicitly reference the correct web properties record.


Step 2

Use the Multi-Web Roller In component to define the entry configuration for each of the merging webs. Use the provided frames to have all partial roller components at the same location!

Set the correct entry configuration using the provided Use Alternative Configuration option.


Step 3

Use a Web Multiplexer with the appropriate number of ports to combine the ports.

Note: The order of the Multi-Web Roller In components is only important for visualization if the Use Effective Radius option was used in the Multi-Web Roller Out component.


Step 4

Use a Multi-Web Roller Out component to define the mechanical properties of the nip rollers. The Multi-Web Roller Out component includes the outgoing merged web span.

Make sure the Multi-Web Roller Out component is connected to the same frame used by the Multi-Web Roller In components.


Step 5

Complete the model and simulate.


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