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Adding Modeling Components From a Palette to a Model

Models are built by adding components to your workspace. Components are found under the Library Components tab ( ) and are organized according by type into palettes. For example, the components for building electrical models are found in the Electrical palette.

To add a modeling component from a palette


From the Library Components tab ( ) at the left of the Model Workspace, in a palette, browse to the menu containing the modeling component you want to add.


Drag the modeling component from the palette to the Model Workspace or 3-D Workspace.



To display a short description for a modeling component, hover your mouse pointer over an icon in a palette.


To view the help topic associated with a modeling component, right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) a component icon in a palette and select Help. Alternatively, select a component that you have added to the Model Workspace and press F2. You can also right-click (or Control-click) a component in the Model Workspace and select Help on <component_name>.

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