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Selecting the Panning Tracking Mode for a Perspective Camera

The Pan Perspective Camera while Tracking feature works in conjunction with the Tracking Animation feature (see Playing a Tracking Animation).  By default, when you play a tracking animation in the perspective view, the camera remains stationary and rotates to follow the movement of the target component.  When you play a tracking animation with the Pan Perspective Camera while Tracking option turned on, the camera moves along a path that is parallel to the path of the target component. Both options allow you to focus on the target component in different ways.

You can also switch between the default view and the pan perspective tracking view during playback by clicking Toggle Tracking ( ).

Select the tracking mode that allows you to focus on the target component angle and position that you want to analyze. For example, you might use the default tracking mode to view the position of the target component relative to objects that are close to or far away from the camera and the panning tracking mode to analyze the position of the target component on a particular plane.

Note: You must simulate your model before playing an animation.

To animate your 3-D model with the panning tracking mode turned on:


Select the 3-D Playback Window in the Simulation Results tab of the Analysis window.


From the 3-D View Controls menu ( ) in the Playback Toolbar, select the Perspective View ( ).


To switch to part selection mode, click Track Component ( ).


In the 3-D Playback Window, hover your mouse pointer over the target component that you want the camera to follow. The object is highlighted and the corresponding component or subsystem name is displayed in a panel at the bottom of the 3-D Playback Window.


Click the component once. This component is now selected as the target component and camera tracking is turned on.


From the Playback Toolbar, click Change 3-D Settings ( ).


Select Pan Perspective Camera while Tracking.


Click Play ( ).  The animations plays back, tracking the selected component in parallel.

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