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Adding Ports to a Subsystem

To connect a subsystem to modeling components outside of its boundary, you add subsystem ports. A subsystem port is an extension of a component port in your subsystem.

To add a port to a subsystem


In the model workspace, double-click a subsystem. The detailed view of the subsystem appears.


Click the component port that you want to connect to components outside of the subsystem.


Hover your mouse pointer over the line that surrounds the subsystem. That line point is highlighted.


Click the line once. The subsystem port is added.

You can now connect the subsystem to components outside of the boundary. You can also browse to the parent node of the subsystem and connect the subsystem to components outside of the boundary at a different hierarchical level.

Tip: To move a port, turn off the Snap to Connector option ( ) in the Model Workspace Toolbar and drag the port to a new location. After moving the port, turn the Snap to Connector option back on to allow connection lines to be drawn between components.

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