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Customizing Grid Settings for the 3-D Model Workspace 

If after simulating a model, the grid settings are not your liking, you may customize the gridline size and spacing to suit the relative sizes and positions of your 3-D model.  

To customize the grid:


In the Settings tab, under 3-D Visualization, provide values for the following settings:


Perspective Grid Extent.  The grid extent value determines the grid 'horizon'.  Use a value that works best for your model.


Grid Spacing.  Grid Spacing determines the overall grid 'density'.  The larger the value the more cells.


Run the simulation to accept the values.



To ensure that MapleSim quickly draws the 3-D view, the maximum number of gridlines that are drawn is 10,000. If the combination of grid extent and grid spacing values draws more lines, MapleSim increases the spacing value to keep the total number of lines to 10,000 or less.

Grid spacing becomes inaccurate for large grid extent.


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