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Changing Grid Snapping Options for the 3-D Workspace 

By default, snapping is turned off for both the translation and rotation of modeling components in the 3-D workspace. When snapping is turned on, components that you move or rotate in the 3-D workspace are positioned to the closest virtual grid intersection in 3-D space based on the translation or rotation delta values specified in the Visualization settings panel under the Multibody Settings tab ( ).  Snapping places the object to the closest virtual grid intersection using a spacing equal to the translational or rotational snapping value. The translational and rotational snap values set the virtual snap grid to correspond to the 3-D view grid.

When snapping is turned off, model component positions or rotations are not modified by snapping, allowing you to position or rotate components to any value that you want.  The translation and rotation delta values are used only when snapping is turned on.

To turn on grid snapping:


In the Multibody Settings tab ( ), under Visualization, select the check box beside Enable Translation Snapping, Enable Rotational Snapping, or both options.


Optionally, specify a snapping delta value in the appropriate field.

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