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Embedded Video Component


Maple 17 gives you the ability to include videos right inside your document.   Not only can these videos be played as part of your Maple application, but you can even set Maple actions to occur at particular points during the video, such as updating plots, activating buttons, executing computations, and more.


The Embedded Video Component features:


Include videos in your document: Simply drag and drop the new interactive video component from the Components palette and then specify the video file.


Trigger actions as the video plays: Specify Maple code commands to be run at specific intervals during playback. Once a valid video file has been specified, actions can be added by hovering over the scrollbar and clicking on the action editor window which slides into place. Action markers can be relocated on the timeline by clicking and dragging them to the new position. The code for the marker can be edited by right clicking and selecting the Edit option.


Drive the video component interactively or from your Maple code: Support includes Play/Pause/Stop as well as specifying the video file.


Continuous play: Set the loop option to play the video file continuously.


Various player controls view options: Hide the player controls completely or only have them shown on mouse over, as well as having them always visible.


File Options: The video component can reference files stored locally on the machine, remotely via an http:// URL reference or they can be packaged within the mw file.  (Note that the last option will result in dramatically larger mw files.)


Note: To fully interact with the examples provided below, open this help page as a worksheet and then execute the worksheet.



Select a video file and use either the Component Properties dialog, or the text area below to set the file in the video component.  Playing the file will change the plot below.  Either the regular component controls, or the Maple Buttons with the associated DocumentTools commands can be used to control the playback of the video.



The following video shows an example of how to use the Video Player component:

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