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Notes on Code Translation to C


The C code generated by CodeGeneration[C] follows the ANSI C standard.


This help page describes details particular to code translation using the CodeGeneration[C] function. For general information applicable to all the functions in the CodeGeneration package, see CodeGeneration/Details.



In addition to the functions listed on the CodeGeneration/Details help page, the following Maple functions are recognized by CodeGeneration[C]: ceil, floor, if (operator form), length, sprintf, system.


Generally, math functions recognized by CodeGeneration[C] are translated to functions in the ANSI C standard math library, math.h.


Since there are no equivalents for max, min, round, sign, and signum in ANSI C, CodeGeneration[C] translates them to expressions involving the conditional operator.


The functions mod, modp, and mods are all translated to ANSI C expressions using the modulus operator %.


Note: The behavior of these functions is inconsistent with the behavior of % for some values of the arguments.


Because Maple expressions involving powers greater than 2 are translated into pow function calls, the automatic type deduction system may not be able to deduce the most appropriate type in all cases.


Identifiers present in the input code that do not meet the ANSI C standard for identifiers (a string of up to 31 alphanumeric characters or underscores, beginning with a letter or underscore) are replaced with valid identifiers in the generated output.


Ranges of Maple Arrays and rtables are adjusted so that the resulting C arrays start with index 0.


A module is printed as follows.


The exports of the module are printed as a sequence of variable declarations and function prototypes, suitable for inclusion in a C header file, followed by initializations and function definitions for every module member, which are intended to be put into a source file associated with this header file.

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