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2-D math notation

Formatting option that allows you to enter mathematical text, such as superscripts, subscripts, and Greek characters.

3-D workspace

The area of the MapleSim window in which you can build and edit a 3-D model.

Attached shapes

Shapes that you can display in a 3-D model to create a realistic representation of a system model. Attached shapes include cylinders, trace lines, and CAD geometry that you import from another file.


The point of view from which a 3-D scene is viewed.

Camera tracking

The process by which a camera follows the movement of a target 3-D component that you select. The target component is centered in the 3-D playback window during an animation.

Custom component

A user-defined component that you can create and add to a MapleSim model using the Custom Component Template.

Custom library

A collection of modeling components and subsystems that can be saved in a user-defined palette and used in a future MapleSim session.

Embedded component

Configurable graphical controls, buttons, meters, and other interactive components that you can add to a Maple standard worksheet to analyze, manipulate, and visualize equations and Maple commands.

Implicit geometry

Default cylinders and spheres that are displayed in a 3-D model to represent modeling components.

Maple package

A collection of routines or commands that can be used in Maple. Most Maple packages provide a set of commands for a particular mathematical or scientific domain, or field of study.

MapleSim component library

The default collection of domain-specific modeling components included in MapleSim. These modeling components can be found in the gray palettes in the Libraries tab.

Model workspace

The area of the MapleSim window in which you can build and edit a model in a block diagram view.

Orthographic view

A type of 3-D view that uses parallel projection and displays lines in the view plane at their "true length." In MapleSim, you can view a model from front, top, and side orthographic views.

Perspective view

A 3-D view that allows you to examine and browse a model from any direction in 3-D space.


The tool used to identify quantities of interest in order to simulate a MapleSim model.

Shared subsystem

A subsystem copy that shares the same configuration as other subsystems. All shared subsystems are linked to a particular subsystem definition, which defines the configuration.

Standalone subsystem

A subsystem that is not linked to a subsystem definition and can be edited and manipulated independent of other subsystems in a model.


A collection of modeling components grouped in a single block.

Subsystem definition

A subsystem block that defines the configuration for a series of shared subsystems.



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