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Authoring Maplet Applications for MapleNet


MapleNet(TM) is a separate Maplesoft product that provides a Web-based learning platform for courses in mathematics and related subjects. MapleNet provides access to the Maple mathematical engine over the Web. The MapleNet software is not included with the Maple software. For more information on MapleNet, visit


You can use Maplet applications created in Maple in MapleNet Web content. Because accessing Maplet applications over the Web is different from accessing them directly, there are a few special guidelines to follow when creating Maplet applications for MapleNet. For more information and guidelines on writing Maplet applications for MapleNet, refer to the MapleNet Publisher's Guide, available at


You can also upload your Maple Documents to the MapleNet server. They can be accessed by anyone in the world using a Web browser. Even if viewers do not have a copy of Maple installed, they can view documents and Maplets, manipulate 3-D plots, and execute code at the click of a button.

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