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Bézier Curves

Points of a Polynomial

The Bézier curve is a type of smooth curve that interpolates between a set of control points. These curves are especially useful in graphical design, where the designer can adjust the control points and see how the curve is affected in real time.



The Bézier curve BP1Pn determined by n ordered points is a weighted average of the curves through the first n1 points and the last n1 points, where the weight depends on the parameter of the curve. A precise recursive definition is as follows:

 BPit=Pi, i=1..n;

BP1Pnt = 1tBP1Pn1t+tBP2Pnt

or, more explicitly:

BP1Pnt = i=0nni1tnitiPi


The Bézier curve is the graph of this parametric equation for t from 0 to 1.


The following plot contains a Bézier curve anchored by red points. Drag the various control points around to see the effect on the curve. Note that moving some of the control points can affect the other points as well.


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