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Entering 2-D Math

2-D math entry allows you to enter mathematical expressions in standard form as found in papers and books.

This document discusses general entry and entry for specific classes of expressions using 2-D math.


To interact with the examples on this page, open it as worksheet and execute the steps.

Note for non-Windows users: The keystrokes given in this document are for Windows.  There will be differences for other platforms. For instance, for Mac users, replace Ctrl with Command to follow the examples. For more keyboard shortcuts for your platform, see Shortcut Keys.



Standard Entry

Executable and Nonexecutable Math


2-D Operators

Separators while Programming in 2-D Math

Derivative Notation and Implied Dependency

Vector Calculus

Special Functions

Generalized Operators and Equations

Tolerances/Optional Forms


Atomic Variables (Literal Names)

Standard Entry

Much of the standard entry is covered on the 2-D Math Shortcut Keys help page, including how to navigate 2-D expressions and how to escape characters that are shortcut keys.

For more introductory information, see the basic Overview of 2-D Math and the material found under Getting Started in the Maple Help System.

This page covers some further details and demonstrates a few nuances using some helpful examples.

Executable and Nonexecutable Math

2-D math expressions are by default executable.

To evaluate an expression and display the result on a new line, press:


Enter, Windows and Linux


Return, Mac

To evaluate an expression and display the result inline, press:


Alt + Enter, or Ctrl + =, Windows and Linux


Alt + Return, or Command + =, Mac

You can toggle a 2-D math expression to nonexecutable math. Use nonexecutable math for expressions that are intended only for display.

When you are editing a 2-D math expression, the background color indicates if the math is executable (blue background) or nonexecutable (gray background).


Executable Math

Nonexecutable Math

To toggle between executable and nonexecutable math, click an expression and use the shortcut key Shift + F5.  Alternatively, under the