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Command Completion for 2-D Math

Command Completion for Maple Input

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Name Completion for Embedded Components

Command Completion for 2-D Math

Automatic Command Completion for 2-D Math

When typing command and function names in 2-D Math, Maple offers automatic completions for items that are unambiguous. When such an item is available, it appears as a yellow tooltip-style popup. Pressing the Tab or Return/Enter key inserts the suggested item.

Command Completion for 2-D Math Using Command Completion List

The symbol and command completion feature can be used to enter mathematical symbols and Maple commands. When you type the first few letters of a symbol or command name and then choose Complete Command from the Tools menu (or use the shortcut key Esc), Maple displays a popup list of matching symbols and commands.

The command completion list can include command completion templates. These command completion templates offer calling sequences for Maple commands, making it easy to enter proper Maple syntax.

To use command completion:


Begin entering a command in the document or worksheet in 2-D math mode.


To list all Maple symbols, commands, functions, and packages that match the entered text, from the Tools menu select Complete Command, or use the shortcut key:


Esc, Macintosh, Windows, and Linux


Ctrl + Space, Windows


Ctrl + Shift + Space, Linux


If there is a unique completion, it is inserted. Otherwise, a list of matches is displayed. Select the correct completion from the list.


If there are any placeholders in your selection, they will appear in a colored font. Replace the placeholders in the template, using Tab to move to the next placeholder.


For example, suppose you want to solve a differential equation with initial conditions. Type dsolve [Esc]. The command completion list appears:


Select dsolve(with initial conditions). Fill in the placeholders with your values:


Replace ODE with y''=2y+1.


Replace ICs with y0=1, y'=0.


Replace y with y and x with x.


The result is yx=ⅇ2x_C2+ⅇ2x32_C212

Command Completion for Maple Input

As you enter a phrase in Maple Input (1-D math notation), the automatic command completion feature suggests a completion. Instead of typing an entire command, you can type the command partially in the worksheet and then insert the suggested command.

By default, automatic command completion is enabled. If it is not enabled:

1. From the Tools menu, select Options, and then click the Interface tab.

2. Select the Automatic command completion check box.

To use automatic command completion:


Begin entering a command in Maple Input in the worksheet or document. Maple compares your entry with Maple packages, commands, and functions. If the entered text has a unique completion, the matching command name is displayed above the entry.


You can continue typing the command or press Enter to insert the suggested command.

To turn off automatic command completion:

1. From the Tools menu, select Options, and then click the Interface tab.

2. Clear the Automatic command completion check box.

For information about command completion in TTY versions of Maple, see Command-Line Editing.

Filepath Completion

You can use file completion to save you the time and effort of typing long filepath or filenames. You can use command completion to find files anywhere in the file system that match your input characters.

To use filepath completion you must enclose the filepath inside quotation marks as a string.

Maple uses information on directories that you have mapped on your computer as well as the value of currentdir() to construct either absolute or relative filepaths.

If you are in the desired file directory you can enter "SomeFileName" where SomeFileName is the beginning of a filename, and you can invoke file completion to complete that filename.

You can also complete filepaths for files that are outside of the current directory. For example, enter "C:\Pro..." should complete to Program Files, and then enable you to go further. Note that you must add a / or \\ in order to indicate that you are going to browse a subsequent folder.

Note: For Windows users you must use a double backslash as a directory separator when entering a filepath since a single backslash is an escape character in Maple. See file.

You can use automatic file completion in Maple Input mode in the worksheet, within a Code Edit Region, or with the Startup Code Editor.

Name Completion for Embedded Components

Similar to command completion, you can automatically complete the names of components embedded in your worksheet.

To autocomplete the name of a component in the worksheet type the percent symbol, % then start typing the beginning of the component name.

Press the Esc key to autocomplete the entry, or if there is more than one match for the characters you typed, a list of matching components is displayed.

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