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Plot a Function?


Maple has extensive plotting functionality to help you visualize the behavior of mathematical functions. The examples below show how to construct a graph of the function y = x2+5 x2 by using two different methods: using the context panel and using the interactive Plot Builder.


The generated plot can be manipulated; it can be zoomed, panned, and resized. For more details on plotting, refer to the comprehensive Maple Plotting Guide. For information about Maple commands used in plotting, see the help pages on plot, plot3d, and plottools.


Before you proceed, be sure to familiarize yourself with entering simple mathematical expressions. Open a new worksheet in Document mode, and ensure that you are in Math mode.


Using the Context Panel

Using the Interactive Plot Builder

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Using the Context Panel

Follow the steps below to plot the function y=x2+5 x2.






Type y=x2+5 x2.


Click the equation, and from the context panel, select Plots > 2-D Plot of Right Side.



The plot is displayed in the worksheet

y=x2+5 x2

smartplot(rhs( y = x^2+5*x2 ))


Using the Interactive Plot Builder

Follow the steps below to plot the function y=x2+5 x2.






Type the expression x2+5 x2. Do not type an equation, since the Plot Builder interprets equations as implicit plots.


Click the expression, and from the context panel, select Plot Builder.


Note that if the Plot Builder is accessed from the main menu (Tools > Assistants > Plot Builder...), then the expression x2+5 x2 must be entered manually.


The Plot Builder panel is displayed on the right side of the Maple window. The plot type and plot ranges for independent variables can be set here, along with plotting options.



For this example, select 2-D plot and use the default settings. Click the worksheet to hide the panel. The plot is displayed.










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