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Parametric Equations of a Line

Main Concept

In order to find the vector and parametric equations of a line, you need to have either:


two distinct points on the line    



one point and a directional vector.


A directional vector, m, where m = a, b, is a nonzero vector parallel to the line. The directional vector can be represented by a vector with its tail at the origin and its head at point (a , b).  


In the first case, you can obtain a directional vector by subtracting the two given points.




The x and y components of vector m are called direction numbers. 


Vector Parametric Equation:

Scalar Parametric Equations:

r = r0 + t  m

x = x0 + t  a 

y = y0 + t b , t R

r0  is the vector connecting the origin to a point x0 , y0.

m  is the directional vector with the directional numbers a ,b.


Click or drag the directional vector and a point on the line. Select the check box to show the resulting line.

Vector Parametric Equation:

Scalar Parametric Equations:


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