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Student[LinearAlgebra][LinearTransformPlotTutor] - plot the action of a linear transform

Calling Sequence





(optional) Matrix; linear transformation Matrix



The LinearTransformPlotTutor(M) command graphically displays the domain and codomain of the linear transformation corresponding to the Matrix M applied to the unit interval, unit circle, or unit sphere.


The parameter M is the Matrix, with at most 3 rows and 3 columns, from which the eigenvectors will be computed. If M is not provided, a default Matrix is used. In either case, you can edit the entries of the Matrix interactively from within the Maplet application.


The number of columns of M corresponds to the dimension of the domain of the linear transformation; similarly, the number of rows corresponds to the dimension of the codomain.


When you close the Maplet application, the plot of the domain and codomain appears in your Maple session.


To change the default colors of the plot objects, see the Student[SetColors] help page.


When the LinearTransformPlotTutor is running, interaction with the worksheet is not possible.







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