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Student[Precalculus][LineTutor] - illustrate various forms of the equation describing a straight line

Calling Sequence


LineTutor(u, v)




(optional) algebraic expression or equation of degree at most one in variables x and y



algebraic, 2-element list or 2-D Vector



algebraic, 2-element list or 2-D Vector



The LineTutor(f) command launches a tutor interface that illustrates the various forms of the equation of the line specified by f.


If f is not specified, LineTutor uses a default function.


The LineTutor(u,v) command launches the tutor interface initialized by the line defined by the data specified in the parameters.


* If u and v are both algebraic expressions, then u is taken as the slope and v as the y-intercept of the line.


* If one of u and v is an algebraic expressions and the other is either a list of 2 algebraic values or a 2-D Vector with algebraic components, then the algebraic value is taken as the slope and the list or Vector as a point on the line.


* If u and v are both 2-element lists or 2-D Vectors with algebraic components, then they are taken as points on the line. In this case, u and v must specify different points.





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