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Overview of Visualization in Student:-Statistics


For a general introduction to the Statistics subpackage of the Student package and a list of the linear algebra visualization routines, see Student:-Statistics.


The visualization routines in the Student:-Statistics subpackage use Maple plotting facilities to visually represent various concepts and computations in linear algebra.  Some of these can present an animation of the concept being studied.


For most of these routines, options allow you to select which features are to be plotted and also to change the way those features are displayed.  For example, you can change the color or style of the arrows that are used to plot various vectors.


General plot options (for example, title, style, and orientation) can be used with most of these commands as well. For details, see plot/options.


The colors used for the various components of the plots produced by the visualization routines can be adjusted by calling the Student:-SetColors command.


If you set infolevel[Student] := 1 or infolevel[Student:-Statistics] := 1, then many of the commands in the Student:-Statistics package output useful information about associated objects. In particular, eigenvalues and eigenvectors of square matrices are displayed whenever relevant. These objects are given as floating-point approximations (to keep the display size small). The number of digits used for the approximations can be controlled through the SetDefault routine by setting the infodigits option, for example, as SetDefaultinfodigits=5.

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