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Maple Software

MapleTM software is a powerful system that you can use to solve mathematical problems from simple to complex. You can also create professional quality documents, presentations, and custom interactive computational tools in the Maple environment.

  You can access the power of the Maple computational engine through a variety of interfaces.




Standard (default)

A full-featured graphical user interface that helps you create electronic documents to show all your calculations, assumptions, and any margin of error in your results.  You can also hide the computations to allow your reader to focus on the problem setup and final results. The advanced formatting features lets you create the customized document you need. Because the documents are live, you can edit the parameters and, with the click of a button, compute the new results. The Standard interface has two modes: Document mode and Worksheet mode.

Command-line version

A command-line interface for solving very large complex problems or batch processing with scripts.  No graphical user interface features are available.

MapletTM Applications

Graphical user interfaces containing windows, textbox regions, and other visual interfaces, which gives you point-and-click access to the power of Maple. You can perform calculations and plot functions without using the worksheet.

This manual describes how to use the Standard interface. As mentioned, the Standard interface offers two modes: Document mode and Worksheet mode.  Using either mode, you can create high quality interactive mathematical documents.  Each mode offers the same features and functionality, the only difference is the default input region of each mode.


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