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Sample Maplet Application: Bezout Matrix

This worksheet demonstrates how to write Maplet applications that function similarly to the LinearAlgebra[BezoutMatrix] Maplet application available in the Maplets[Examples] package. It is designed for experienced Maple authors.

The BezoutMatrix Maplet application provides a graphical interface to the LinearAlgebra[BezoutMatrix] function.

Given two univariate polynomials, the Bezout matrix of these polynomials is a square matrix of size equal to the maximum degree of the polynomials.  The determinant of this resulting matrix is equal to the resultant of the polynomials with respect to a specific variable.  The only outputoption that can be used in this case is to set the matrix to readonly. However, post-processing could determine that the polynomials are sparse, in which case the resulting matrix can also use sparse storage.  By using user input, this procedure returns the calling sequence required to generate the desired Bezout matrix or evaluates the result.


Thus, the Maplet application requests:

1.  Two polynomials.

2.  Whether the matrix is read-only.

3.  Whether the result is to be evaluated (or the calling sequence is to be returned).

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