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Statement Separators






The statement separators in Maple are semicolon (;) and colon (:).


The semicolon is the normal statement separator.


In an interactive Maple session, the result of the statement will not be displayed if the statement is terminated with a colon.


The two statement separators (semicolon and colon) are equivalent in the case of statements nested one or more levels (inside if-statements, do-statements, or procedures).


In the interactive standard worksheet interface, statements in 1-D math and 2-D math may be terminated with a semicolon, but it is not required. If a statement does not end with a semicolon, Maple automatically inserts one when it parses the statement.


Note: This rule does not apply to statements enclosed in the body of another statement such as an if statement, loop, procedure, module, use statement, or try statement. In these cases, all enclosed statements must be separated by a semicolon or colon.


Important: When exporting a worksheet as Maple Input, your worksheet must contain explicit semicolons and not auto-inserted ones. The resulting exported .mpl file will not run in the Command-line version with auto-inserted semicolons.


one := 0+1:

two := one+1;three:=two+1;




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