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Opening Templates and Scripting Worksheets

MapleSim templates are pre-built tools for model building and analysis tasks.  Templates are Maple worksheets that you attach to a model.  Both templates and worksheets open in Maple.


Using Templates

MapleSim Templates

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Using Templates

To start working with your MapleSim model in Maple,

To open a template:


In MapleSim, open the model for which you want to use an app.


From the main toolbar, click Load a Maple Worksheet ( ).  Select from the available templates.  The templates open in Maple.


Follow the instructions provided in the template.


When your task is complete, save the .mw file in Maple and then save the .msim file to which it is attached in MapleSim. MapleSim templates are saved in the Attached Files tab ( ).


You can also open a blank worksheet from the Load a Maple Worksheet ( ) dialog.

If you have already attached a template or worksheet to a model, it appears in the list in the Load a Maple Worksheet dialog under Attached Worksheets. You can select it and click OK to load that worksheet.


Tip: Click one of the help icons ( ) for help and extra information about a template.


For more information about the MapleSim templates and attachments, see Attaching Files to a Model in Chapter 2 and Analyzing and Manipulating a Model in Chapter 5 of the MapleSim User's Guide.

MapleSim Templates



Custom Component

Create a custom modeling component based on a mathematical model.


Create a worksheet by opening a MapleSim Model in an embedded component.


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