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Finding Parameter References

A parameter reference is created when you use a parameter as a setting for a component or subsystem. For large models, it can be difficult to remember everywhere you have referenced a parameter. Using the Parameters view it is possible to find all of the parameter references in your model.

To find parameter references:


From the Palettes Pane, select Model Tree ( ).


Select Parameters from the views list.


Navigate to or search for the parameter you want to find references to.


Right-click (Control-click for Mac) the parameter and then select Find References.


If this is a new search, the Searching dialog box appears. After the search completes, the model tree view shows you where the parameter is referenced. References appear in red text that starts with Reference: and is followed by the location of the parameter.

Additional notes about parameter references:


When you select a parameter reference, the following changes happen:


The Model Workspace view changes to show the component that uses the reference.


The component is highlighted.


The Properties tab shows the settings for the component.



Searching for other parameter references does not clear previous search results. That is, the new parameter references will be shown in addition to the searches.




Parameter references stay in the Parameters view until you do one of the following:


Remove parameter references from the Parameters view. To remove parameter references, right-click (Control-click for Mac) on a parameter or a parameter reference, and then select Remove All References. Note that this does not delete the parameter or change how the parameter is used in your model. It simply clears the Model Tree view of any parameter references.


Make a change to your model (for example, you change any of the settings for a component or you add/delete a component).


You enter the parameter table view by either double-clicking on a parameter or by clicking on Parameters ( ) in the Model Workspace Toolbar.

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