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Language and System Changes in Maple 14

Maple 14 includes the following language and system changes.


Help Browser

Eval and rtable

RegularChains option in RootFinding[Isolate]

Help Browser


By setting interface(helpbrowser=standard), it is possible to view documentation through the Standard GUI's help browser launched from any interface.  This gives Command-line and Classic users a nicer interface for viewing documentation including hyperlinks, full-text search, and the table of contents.  Additionally, help pages that are written using features specific to Maple's Standard interface and that were previously not viewable in Classic and Command-line help will be accessible. This includes some help pages, example worksheets, and Maple Portal pages.  For more information on the helpbrowser variable, see interface.

Eval and rtable


Eval now works on rtable constructions such as Matrix.

Eval(Matrix([[x^2 + y]]), {x=3, y=2}) mod 5;



RegularChains option in RootFinding[Isolate]


Users of RootFinding[Isolate] now can choose the method to isolate the real roots of polynomial system.  These methods are "RS", which is based on Fabrice Rouillier's RealSolving (RS) C library, and "RC", which is based on the RegularChains package by Marc Moreno Maza et al.


F := [x^2-2, y-1];



Isolate(F, [x,y], method="RS");



Isolate(F, [x,y], method="RC");



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