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Change Cell Properties


The Spreadsheet Name feature applies to the entire spreadsheet (see Change Spreadsheet Name for more information). The rest of the Properties dialog box applies to the selected cell(s).


Customize the format, name, or appearance of cells in a spreadsheet.


Select the cells you want to modify.


Right-click (Control-click for Macintosh) on your selection, and then select Properties. The Spreadsheet Properties dialog opens.


Enter the changes to the cell properties. See the following section for a description of each property.


Click OK.

Cell Properties



Place the contents of the cell either to the Left, to the Right, or in the Center of the cell.

Evaluation Method


Select an evaluation method.




This method gives an exact representation of the cell contents. For example,




This method provides a decimal approximation for the contents of the cell. For example,



Specify two values to control the precision of floating-point numbers.


During Calculation


This value specifies the number of significant digits Maple uses for intermediate results when calculating the floating-point numbers.


Displayed Decimals


This value specifies the maximum number of decimal digits to display to the right of the floating point.


Use symbolic expressions as much as possible because they produce exact results. Simplify the final expression before selecting the Floating-Point evaluation check box in the Evaluation group box.

Cell Color


Specify the background color of any cell.

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