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analyze MapleSim models in a Maple standard worksheet






Use the application programming interface (API) to interact with your MapleSim model. The MapleSim API is a collection of procedures for manipulating, simulating, and analyzing a MapleSim model in a Maple standard worksheet.


There are two ways to link to a MapleSim model; linking to a MapleSim model using LinkModel or through the embedded component facility.  See the examples section in the LinkModel description.


The Tools subpackage contains commands used to generate Modelica models from within Maple.


The Analysis subpackage contains commands to analyze your models by varying their parameters.


CreateModel : create a MapleSim model from a Modelica file

You must first link to a MapleSim model using the following command before using the MapleSim API commands:

LinkModel: link to a MapleSim Model

The following MapleSim API commands are available:

ApplySubstitutions: apply variable and parameter substitutions

DeleteAttachment: delete the attachment of the linked MapleSim model

GetAttachment: get the Attachment of Linked MapleSim Model

GetCompiledProc: compile the Subsystem of the Linked MapleSim Model into a C Function

GetEquations: get the equations of the active subsystem

GetICs: get the initial conditions of the active subsystem

GetModel: get a linked MapleSim model filename

GetModelica: get the Modelica description of the active subsystem

GetMultibody: get a module containing the multibody portion of the active MapleSim subsystem

GetParameters: get the parameters of the active subsystem

GetPorts: get the signal ports of the active subsystem

GetSettings: get the settings of Linked MapleSim model

GetSubstitutions: get the variable and parameter substitutions defined for the model

GetSubsystemName: get the active subsystem name

GetVariables: get the variables defined for the active subsystem

ListAttachments: list the Attachments of the Linked MapleSim Model

ListSubsystems: list the subsystems defined in a linked model

SetAttachment: set the Attachment to the Linked MapleSim Model

SetComponent: create a component from Modelica source

SetModel: set a linked MapleSim model

SetParameters: set the parameters of the active subsystem

SetSubstitutions: store a set of variable and parameter substitutions with the model

SetSubsystemName: set the active subsystem name

ShowResultsManager: show the Results Manager

Simulate: simulate the Linked MapleSim Model

Tools: subpackage of commands used to generate Modelica models from within Maple

The following MapleSim Multibody API commands are deprecated:

MapleSim[Multibody][BuildEQs(deprecated)]: generate the governing equations of a multibody system

MapleSim[Multibody][GetMultibodyInput(deprecated)]: generate a description for the multibody portion of a MapleSim model

For more information on the kinematic and dynamic exports of a multibody system, see the dynamic exports and kinematic exports help pages.

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