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Viewing Stored Simulation Results

After you run a simulation, the plots and visualizations for that simulation are stored in the Latest Results entry of the Stored Results palette (found in the Simulation Results tab of the Analysis window). From the Stored Results palette, you can select either a stored simulation result or the most recent simulation results to view simulation graphs, progress messages, and (if applicable) 3-D visualizations associated with a simulation.

Each new simulation overwrites the results stored in the Latest Results entry. These results, if unsaved, are also discarded when you close your MapleSim model.  To prevent this, save the simulation results under a new name. For more information, see Saving Simulation Results.

To view simulation results using the Stored Results palette:


After simulating your model, click Show Simulation Results ( ) to show the Analysis window with the Simulation Results tab selected. The Stored Results palette in the left pane of the Simulation Results tab lists the most recent and stored simulation results.  Check marks ( ) indicate the stored results currently shown in the simulation graphs.  By default, all stored results for the active model are shown.


To change the visibility of a stored result, double-click on the result.  (Alternatively, right-click on the result and select Toggle Visibility.)


If multiple models are open, the current model is indicated in the Stored Results palette by a plot icon .  The current model determines what is shown in the Variables palette, Plot Windows palette, and displayed plots.  To change the current model, click on the name of a model in the Stored Results palette.


You can create new plot window configurations.  For details, see Generating a New Plot Window Configuration.

You can create plot window configurations using probes or variables from more than one model.  For details, see Comparing Simulation Results from Different Models.

Note:  In MapleSim 5 and earlier versions, documents with simulation results stored as .msim files are not viewable, including 3-D animation results.  2-D Plots however are viewable.

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