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Numerics Updates in Maple 16

Maple 16 includes the following improvements in the area of numeric computation.






RootFinding[Isolate] can now be used to test the existence of real roots quickly. The maxroots option limits the number of real roots to be computed.


R := Isolate((x^2-7)*(3*x-13), x, maxroots=2);




The compiled C version (CLAPACK) of the LAPACK numerical linear algebra library used and shipped with Maple has been upgraded to version 3.2.1. This version of CLAPACK includes marked improvements to the algorithms used for solving the nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem. Also, this release of the numeric library is denoted as thread-safe which, while not immediately apparent to the Maple end user, may well become more important in future releases. On an AMD X2 4600+ (2.4GHz, dual-core) 64bit Linux machine the time to compute all eigenvectors of size 1000x1000 random nonsymmetric datatype=float[8] Matrix, at default working precision, has decreased from 30.1 seconds in Maple 15 to 11.6 seconds in Maple 16.

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