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Maple T.A. System Administrator Help


1. Administrator Help
2. System Overview
2.1. Login
2.2. System Homepage
2.3. Menus
Class Manager
System User Manager
System Admin
2.4. Class Homepage
2.5. Getting Help
Access Technical Support from Maplesoft
2.6. Logout
3. System Admin Menu
3.1. The System Status Page
3.2. The System Settings Page
The System Settings Panel
The Mail Settings Panel
The Authentication Settings Panel
The Maple Settings Panel
The Custom CSS Styles Panel
The Filter Input Panel
The Custom <head> HTML Panel
The Custom footer HTML Panel
The IP Address/Host Name Groups Panel
3.3. The Custom User Fields page
3.4. The Active Users Page
3.5. The Usage Page
3.6. The Log Utility Page
3.7. The LTI Page
Creating a Key/Secret Pair for Version 1.x
Configuring an LTI Link
LTI Field Mapping
LTI Role Mapping
4. Class Manager
4.1. Class Search
4.2. Adding, Deleting, Restoring, and Renaming Classes
Adding a New Class
Deleting a Class
Restoring a Deleted Class
Renaming a Class
4.3. Child Class
Shared Class Behaviors
4.4. Class Information Fields
Instructor Email
Course ID
Class Name
Class Short Name
Registration Locked
Allow Students to Drop Class
Allow Anonymous Access
Featured Class
Inherit Content From
Default Role in Class
Sort Weight
4.5. Managing Classes
Table View
4.6. Featured Classes
4.7. Enrolling in a Class
5. System User Manager Menu
5.1. Searching for Users
Basic Search
Advanced Search
5.2. Adding and Deleting Users
Adding a User
Deleting a User
Permanently Deleting a User
5.3. User Information Fields
Using the Role Manager to Create Roles
5.4. Change Password
5.5. Import Users/Roster Upload
Uploading a Roster
Updating a Roster
Using Roster Upload to Delete Users
5.6. Editing Users
5.7. Creating Proctors
System/Global Proctor
Class/Local Proctor
5.8. Restoring Deleted Users
5.9. LDAP Authentication
6. Security Issues to Consider
6.1. Instructor Password Suggestions
6.2. Student Account Management
6.3. Proctored Exams
6.4. Proctored Browser
7. Copyrights and Trademarks
7.1. Copyrights
7.2. Trademarks
8. Legal
8.1. ATLAS Copyright
8.2. f2c Copyright
8.3. Xerces Copyright