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Signal Processing


Bandpass Filter Design

Filtering Audio

Frequency Domain System ID

Signal Denoising

FIR and IIR Filters

Chemical Engineering

Economic Pipe Sizing

Terminal Settling Velocity

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Catalytic Cracking of Ethane

Binary Distillation

Gold-Silver-Copper Alloy Color

Electrical Engineering

Amplifier Gain

Amplifier Gain App

PV Diode Parameter Estimation

Antenna Array

Pyramidal Horn Design

Single Stub Matching

Hydraulic Engineering

Interacting Tanks

Pressure Surge from Valve Shutoff

Three Reservoir Problem

Maximum Flowrate in Open Channel Flow

Pump Power between Two Reservoirs

Dynamic Water Hammer

Mechanical Engineering

Welded Beam

Tuned Mass Spring Damper

Coil Spring

Fuel Pod Design

Gas Orifice Design

Structural Engineering


Steel Beam with Torsion

Beam with Distributed and Point Load

Bolt Coefficient

Response of a SDOF oscillator to the 1940 El Centro Earthquake


Thermal Engineering and Thermodynamics

Efficiency of a Rankine Cycle

Flow through an Expansion Valve

Optimizing a Rankine Cycle

Refrigeration Cycle Analysis

Organic Rankine Cycle

Thermal Engineering

Earth and Building Science

Fitting Wave Heights to a Distribution

Live Earthquake Data

Sunspot Periodicity

Home Heating Cost

Mixing Humid Air

Robotics, Automotive and Control


Modeling and Code Generation of a Robot Manipulator

LQR Controller for an Inverted Pendulum

Vehicle Ride & Handling


Rocketry and Aerospace Engineering


Performance of a Monomethylhydrazine-Dinitrogen Tetroxide Rocket Engine

Maximum Explosion Pressure of Hydrogen in Air at Constant Volume



Parameter Estimation for a Reaction

Adiabatic Flame Temperature and Equilibrium Composition of the Combustion of Carbon Monoxide

Spontaneity of the Reaction of N2 and O2 to form NO

Gibbs Energy of Formation of Ethanol