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Student[MultivariateCalculus][GradientTutor] - plot or animate the gradient(s)

Calling Sequence


GradientTutor(f(x,y), [x,y]=[a,b], x=xmin..xmax, y=ymin..ymax, z=zmin..zmax)

GradientTutor(f(x,y), [x,y]=[[a,b],[c,d],..], x=xmin..xmax, y=ymin..ymax, z=zmin..zmax)


f(x, y)


(optional) algebraic function in two variables

[x, y]


(optional) name of the variables

[[a, b], [c, d], ..]


(optional) point(s) at which the gradient is evaluated; list or list of lists

xmin..xmax, ymin..ymax, zmin..zmax


(optional) ranges for plot



The GradientTutor command launches a tutor interface that computes, plots, and animates the gradient(s) of a function.


The values of f(a,b), f(c,d),.. and grad(f) at [a,b],[c,d],.. are calculated and displayed in the tutor interface.


If f(x,y) and [x,y]=[[a,b],[c,d],..] are not specified, GradientTutor uses defaults.


The Gradient command offers equivalent capabilities to GradientTutor where interaction takes place in the worksheet interface. See the Student[MultivariateCalculus][Gradient] help page.


To change the default colors of the plot objects, see the Student[SetColors] help page.


When the GradientTutor is running, interaction with the worksheet is not possible.






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