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Key Combinations for 2-D Math Notation

In parameter values, parameter names, and annotations, you can enter text in 2-D math notation, which is a formatting option that allows you to add mathematical elements such as subscripts, superscripts, and Greek characters. This option also provides a symbol completion feature, which automatically suggests mathematical symbols to insert as you enter a phrase in 2-D math notation.

To enter 2-D math notation in a text annotation, select Math ( ) in the text formatting toolbar.

To move the cursor out of a denominator, superscript, or subscript position:


Press the right arrow key.


The following table lists the key combinations for 2-D math notation:


Key Combination

Sample Output

Symbol completion (parameter values and annotations only)

1. Enter the first few characters of a symbol name.

2. Use one of the following platform-specific key combinations:


Esc, Mac, Windows, and Linux


Ctrl + Shift + Space, Linux

3. From the pop-up menu, select the symbol or command that you want to insert.


Enter a subscript for a variable

Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + Shift + underscore ( _ )


Enter a superscript (parameter values and annotations only)

caret (^)


Enter a fraction

forward slash (/)


Enter an underscript

Ctrl (or Command) + '


Enter an overscript

Ctrl (or Command) + Shift + "


Enter a pre-superscript

Ctrl (or Command) + Shift + ^


Enter a pre-subscript

Ctrl (or Command) + Shift + _


Enter a Greek character

Use one of the following methods:


Enter the first few characters of a Greek character name (for example, "phi"), and use your platform-specific key combination for symbol completion.


Press Ctrl (or Command) + Shift + G and then enter a Greek character according to key mappings. For more information, see Key Mappings for Greek Characters.

α, φ

Display backslash, underscore, or caret characters in 2-D math notation

backslash (\) + backslash (\) or underscore ( _ ) or caret (^)


Move the cursor one level out of a nested structure

Ctrl (or Command) + [


Move the cursor one level in a nested structure

Ctrl (or Command) + ]


Return the cursor to the baseline

Ctrl (or Command) + /


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