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Browsing Subsystems Hierarchically

You can use the Model Tree or the Model Workspace tools to browse a model that contains multiple subsystems at the same hierarchical level or subsystems within other subsystems.

To browse your model using the Model Tree


Click the Model Tree tab ( ) at the left of the model workspace.


Find the subsystem or component of interest.  (Click + beside a node to expand that node.)


Select a node to select the corresponding element in the model workspace.


Double-click a node to display the contents of the selected element in the model workspace.


To browse to the top level of your model using the Model Tree


Click Main in the model tree.

For more details on using the Model Tree, including how to use the search feature and how to view properties for multiple elements, see The Model Tree.


To browse your model in the Model Workspace


To open an element, select the element in the model workspace and click Open ( ) in the Model Workspace toolbar.  Alternatively, double-click the element to open it.


To browse up one level from the current element, select Parent ( ) in the Model Workspace toolbar.


To return to the top level of the model, select Main ( ) in the Model Workspace toolbar.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to browse a model.  For more information, see Reference: MapleSim Keyboard Shortcuts.

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