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Translation of Maple Worksheets to Maple Input


The Maple Export as Maple Input facility translates a Maple worksheet into a .mpl file. The following describes what happens to various worksheet elements:


Animations, embedded images and plots, hidden content, page breaks, sketches, spreadsheets, worksheet styles, page numbers, contents of collapsed sections, output, and standard math elements are all ignored.


Hyperlinks are converted to plain text. The visible text of the link is present but information about the path is lost.


Maple input, code edit regions, text, and standard math input regions are maintained.


Superscripts and subscripts are not exported. Text is saved as regular text.


Text is preceded by the (#) character.


Important: Your worksheet must contain explicit semicolons and not auto-inserted ones. The resulting exported .mpl file will not run in command-line Maple with auto-inserted semicolons.

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